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Recruitment Compliance Solution
torevis is a solution for reference checks and for pre-employment screening.

Both companies and applicants are faced with new challenges during a recruitment process. Career development is subject to greater changes nowadays, partly due to career changes, freelance work, family time, sabbaticals. These are just a few factors that shape resumes nowadays.

Compliance regulations obligate companies to verify the data given by their employees and applicants. Applicants must convey the correctness of statements made in their resume (46% of all applications contain untrue data—source: ADP screening Index 2009).

With torevis companies and applicants have a neutral and independent third-party to verify the content of an application. The resulting document can be included in the personnel file or in the application documents.
Your advantages through torevis:
  • independent
    no conflict of interest
  • individual
    a variety of standardized packages or individually tailored solutions
  • structured
    clearly laid out and comparable
  • neutral
    no valuation by torevis
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