Example of the implementation of a reference check

Step 1
Once a customer profile has been created, the log-in occurs via a secure password. You type in the contact information about the candidate you seek reference information on and choose the type of reference inquiry you would like (see products). Once the data has been released the reference verification begins online.
Step 2
The person whose information is being verified receives an email asking for two or three persons of contact who are qualified to validate the information given (i.e.the people that gave them their letter of recommendation, a former colleague or hiring manager ...). Questions being asked can be looked into and have to be cleared by the applicant. After approval through the applicant, the information is transferred into the torevis system.
Step 3
The people of reference receive an email asking them to give their reference information. They do this by "logging" into the torevis system and thus can verify the statements previously made.
Step 4
As soon as the people of reference verify the statements the reference verification is complete. A file is then produced containing the collected data, the verification of the data, possible comments and affixed with the torevis seal. This data is promptly available for our clients as a download in the torevis system.
If you are already a torevis customer you can log in here with your user name and password.