About us
Nicole Hammer-Kohler and Marcus Kohler came up with the idea for torevis in 2007. After analyzing the market, torevis was implemented as a software solution in 2010. In 2015 Karl Kohler joined torevis as a member of the management team.
We have been working with well known companies since 1996 and have screened well over 10.000 application documents and references.

Through our experience with international clientele we have seen how references have grown in importance both for the recruitment process and for compliance regulations. In Germany work certificates are also no longer given the significance necessary to be able to assess an applicant. The different use of reference language used, coupled with requirements by law to put the qualifications and behavior of the applicant in a positive light are some reasons why work certificates are less conclusive. Obtaining reference verification is a standard practice internationally and is becoming more common in Germany. torevis offers companies an independent and neutral method of making recruitment decisions that adhere to current standards and have a sound foundation.
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